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Conventional syringe needle combinations attach the needle to the syringe barrel with a hub. With each injection high cost pharmaceutical remains trapped in the hub, wasting valuable medicine and affecting your bottom line. We’ve eliminated the hub from these syringe needle combinations by attaching the needle directly to the syringe barrel. This low dead space syringe allows virtually all the medication to be delivered safely and accurately.

Our low dead space syringes are particularly useful but not limited to the dialysis market. The safety syringe will now allow hospital based pharmacies  the benefits of the a low dead space syringe while complying  with state and federal needlestick prevention legislation .Our low dead space syringes allow you to realize significant cost savings.

Our 1 1/2cc needle allows greater access to vial contents. This eliminates the need to invert the vial, saving valuable time with each injection. Start adding up the savings with each injection. We now have a safety version of our 1.5cc Low Dead Space Syringe.

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